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Public Housing Resources

*Please only view the above video if you have received a formal eligibility letter to attend a briefing for one of the Public housing sites.

Public Housing Flat Rents (Effective 1/1/2024):

Click here for flat rents.

Public Housing Income Limits (Effective 05/15/2023):

Click here for income limits.

Public Housing Utility Allowance Schedule (Effective 9/1/2023):

Click here for utility allowance schedule.

Documentation/Verification Forms

*Please send all documentation to if you do not have specific contact information for staff.

Applicant Changes Form

Applicant Removal Form

Authorization to Release Public Records

Employment Verification

Food Stamp/TANF Verification

Notice of Intent to Vacate

Participant Report of Changes Form

Verification of Child Support

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Packet

Notice of Intent to Vacate

ROSS Program Documents

Health and Wellness Assessment

Needs Assessment

Resident Action Plan

ROSS Contact Form

ROSS General Assessment

Statement of Commitment