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HCV Resources

*Please only view the above video if you have received a formal letter to attend an eligibility briefing for the HCV program.


Income Limits (Effective 4/1/2024)

Click here to download. 

Payment Standards (Effective 1/1/2024)

Click here to download. 

Payment Standards (Effective 9/1/2023):

Click here to download.

HCV Utility Allowance Schedule (Effective 9/1/2023):

Click here for current utility allowances. 

Documentation/Verification Forms 

*Please send all documentation to if you do not have specific contact information for staff. 

Report of Changes Form

Child Support Verification Form

Citizenship Certification

Authorization to Release Information

Authorization to Release Police Records

Employment Verification

Verification of Income provided by Parent/Other

Verification of Benefits Received

Case Information Release

Verification of Amounts Paid for Care of Children/Dependents

Verification of Financial Data

Self-Employment Income Verification

Verification of Student Status

Unemployment Benefit Verification

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Packet

Notice of Intent to Move