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Housing & Community Development

At the Abilene Housing Authority (AHA), we are focused on exploring new ways to provide affordable housing opportunities and collaborating with the community to provide our families with a value-added housing experience.

We are very interested in educating the community on the value of providing quality affordable housing and how affordable housing benefits some of the most vulnerable people in our communities; the children, the elderly, and the disabled. Providing decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing benefits not only our participants, but the community at large.

If you are interested in learning more about AHA's affordable housing programs and/or have ideas on collaborative efforts that may enhance the affordable housing experience for participants and the community, please contact Tana Kauffman-Hubbard (Housing & Community Development Director) at (325) 676-6385 ext. 6379 or email her at


The Abilene Housing Authority, "Committed to Making a House an Affordable Home..."