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Mainstream Vouchers

Mainstream Vouchers Program (MSV)

Affordable Housing for Disabled Families!

AHA was awarded 195 vouchers to administer the Mainstream Voucher Program (MSV). The purpose of the program is to provide non-elderly, low-income families with a disabled family member (age 18-61), the opportunity to live in affordable housing of their choice.

A wait list preference is provided to families with a disabled family member who are:

  • Transitioning out of institutional or segregated settings
  • At Serious risk of institutionalization
  • Homeless
  • At risk of becoming homeless

If needed or wanted, by participants (although not required), the program offers supportive services provided by some of our partner organizations. 
*(This program adjoins to the one critical goal under the ADA, which is to ensure services, programs and activities by public entities are provided in the most integrated setting appropriate to the needs of individuals with liabilities, as affirmed by the Supreme Court in the Olmstead decision)

Questions & Answers:

Q: How do I apply?
A: Visit AHA's website & complete the online application & select the Mainstream Voucher preference.

Q: How do I find homes that are accessible?
A: AhA & its partners have lists of accessible units in the area.

Q: Where can I use the Mainstream voucher?

Our Partners:

  • Abilene Hope Haven
  • Betty Hardwick Center
  • Boots on the Ground
  • City of Abilene
  • Disability in Action
  • United Way (211)

Questions? Contact AHA at 325.676.6385 or email us.

The MSV program partners with local agencies through a referral process to administer the MSV program.

Contact AHA for a copy of the MSV Referral Process.

View the MSV Definitions


Mainstream Voucher Program Flyer. The information on this flyer is in the text above.